Extracting Business Value is the Most Important Competitive Advantage

You’re already using reports to make decisions. Now it’s time to take things to the next level and become an agile, insights-driven organization. Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence give you easy access to data without burdening IT, so you can unleash the curiosity that lies within your business and uncover new ways to generate revenue and cut costs.

Tableau: A Leader for the 5th Consecutive Year



According to Gartner Group, Tableau offers a highly interactive and intuitive visual-based exploration experience for business users to easily access, prepare and analyze their data without the need for coding through three primary products: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online (Tableau's cloud offering). Since its inception, Tableau has been sharply focused on making the analytic workflow experience for users easier, but at the same time giving them greater power to explore and find insights in data. Tableau achieved extraordinary growth and has disrupted the market by appealing to business buyers, which propelled its "land-and-expand" strategy. During the past year, the maturity of the modern BI and analytics market has led to buyers expanding deployments across the enterprise. This has forced Tableau to place a much greater emphasis than in the past on enterprise features that appeal to an IT buyer — as part of a shift in strategy toward large-enterprise deployments and sales. Tableau is one of three vendors positioned in the Leaders quadrant this year. Tableau continues to be perceived as the modern BI market leader — still slightly ahead of Microsoft on overall execution

Datameer is a new generation packaged BI to Hadoop

As per an Ovum white paper, Datameer is one of the first players to offer packaged tooling specifically designed for the Hadoop platform. While existing BI tools typically require Hadoop data to be migrated, transformed, and loaded into an SQL data warehouse, Datameer performs these functions natively inside Hadoop. It takes advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the Hadoop environment to provide a tool that resembles BI, but can deliver analyses from data sets that are larger than conventional SQL data warehouses can handle, and with the freedom of working with data that has not been structured in advance.  Behind a spreadsheet based user interface, it offers data integrations and analytics functions that dispense with the need for running ETL and custom developed MapReduce programming.




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