Big Data Use Cases by Industry

Big Data has a myriad of use cases in almost all industries, below are only a few examples of such use cases which offers a glimpse of how big data can ‘disrupt’ entire industries as we know them today.


  • Determine the best crop given the data collected by sensors tracking the soil, weather conditions, and other factors to make the most out of the current conditions


  • Predictive Maintenance of airplanes through closely monitoring their multiple sensors – before the failure occurs
  • Targeting the right destinations and connections by airline carriers according to their own customers’ preferences


  • Improving vehicle performance by integrating:
    • Consumer feedback available in different sources such as social media, maintenance notes or periodic checks
    • Sensor measurements in cars/trucks that track fuel, speed, engine performance, and other factors over time
  • Predictive Maintenance of Vehicles

Fraud detection is one of the most important use cases for the banking industry given the many violations that can occur if money is not tracked closely.


  Through integrating student hobbies, talents, sport achievements, past scores and reports, and based on that suggesting the best ways for learning that fits their personalities and facilitates a “customized”-education provided for each student.

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Logistics & Transportation

  • Traffic Management (as an example we see on a daily basis the most recent update for Google Maps reflecting the traffic per road)
  • Using geo-analytics to optimize the delivery networks of products in supply chain management for on-time delivery given the different interacting factors: road conditions, weather conditions, and driver conditions

Media & Entertainment

  • Providing content to the customer not only based on what, when, and where they view it but also tapping their network of friends’ preferences and how they are influenced by them
  • Understanding user behavior to ensure the best positioning and timing for a movie
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Energy & Utilities
One of the most crucial use cases given the current environmental changes, is the energy saving use case through understanding the customer energy usage behavior, and merge it with meter readings, to recommend optimum usage of the energy grid and decrease the percentage of wasted energy by customizing the energy grid based on those insights


            Integrating patient history, genetics, with worldwide trends and breakthroughs in medicine available in different sources to be able to diagnose and assist in suggesting



Oil and Gas
One of the most expensive processes in this field is the exploration, this could be improved by using sensor measurements which can predict the value of exploring a specific location, thus shortcutting the traditional lengthy process

Personalized marketing through making use of customer interactions on the social media, their behavior on the product website, their buying patterns to target them with the most relevant offers and products


  • Data warehouse optimization /modernization
  • Behavior Analytics utilizing customer feedback on social media, call center calls, and shop interactions to have a unique profile per customer
  • Better Prediction of Churn utilizing customer interactions with the company’s different channels

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