Dataplus is Datameer partner in Egypt.  Dataplus has an experienced pool of
resources who understand the Hadoop ecosystem and leveraged their skills by
learning and certifying on Datameer products.  These resources help the
customers and prospects in Egypt in the fast deployment of Datameer and make
the maximum use of Big Data residing on their Hadoop infrastructure systems.
Dataplus provides professional services, training and support for customers
when deploying their BI platform and integration within their environments.

Forrester recommends Datameer to clients whose main challenge is data curation, analysis or discovery



How will Datameer Help You


Datameer Core for Enterprise
Get the data in
Getting your data into Datameer is as simple as picking your data store from a drop-down menu of 70+ common sources and selecting how – and when – you want to pull your data. Big or small, structured or unstructured, a one-time upload or scheduled to pull every minute. All data is welcome; schemas are not required.

Data Preparation Done Right
With traditional ETL, data preparation is a section of the assembly line. In Datameer, prep and analysis are iterative and complimentary, so your data preparation tasks are driven by your analyses, and vice versa.

Data Analytics Made Point-and-Click
From simple transforms to complex joins and text mining analytics, Datameer’s spreadsheet user interface and 270+ point-and-click analytic functions means instant gratification in your data discovery process. Insatiable curiosity rewarded here.

Big Data Visualization for Storytelling
Telling the story of your analysis is easy in Datameer's WYSIWYG Business Infographic Designer. Instead of being constrained to traditional dashboards, Datameer provides you with a blank canvas to design beautiful infographics or reports that are consumable on any device and will automatically update every time your data updates.


Smart Execution Add-on

Manually picking the right engine for big data processing isn’t necessary anymore. With Smart Execution, Datameer has the smarts under the hood to select the best execution engine automatically and process your analyses in the most efficient manner possible – every single time. And with Smart Execution’s open architecture, new execution frameworks can integrate right in as they become enterprise-ready.

Smart Analytics Add-on

Datameer Smart Analytics module puts advanced machine learning analytics at your fingertips. Now advanced analytics such as clustering, data dependencies, decision trees and predicting behavior analytics are as simple as point and click. No coding, just instant visual insights.


Data Governance Add-on

Datameer's Data Governance module is about meeting regulatory compliance and enterprise policy requirements when security and governance are make or break. With enterprise grade governance features that include data quality, data lineage, security and real-time audit-ready logs, this data governance module ensures you don’t have to choose between self-service big data analytics for your analysts and a governable big data architecture.


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35A Corniche El Nil, Maadi
Cairo, Egypt,


About Us

Dataplus provides solutions and services in the whole range from Traditional Business Intelligence to Big Data Analytics with its HQ located in Cairo, Egypt.